Suddenly I snapped. I realised I was staring at the TV which played a language I didn’t understand. How long was I staring at it? I looked at the clock. It was an hr past what I last remember. What was I thinking? I knew not. When reality seems grim, getting lost seems better.


Rethink, refuse, reuse is the mantra
Emerging of the damage colossal
Carbon and its demons choke
Yell to change is the Earth
Clean the air, the water, the soil
Learn to imagine consequences
Each take up the task of Atlas's shoulder

Posted for Acrostic Only

Pawn - Acrostic

Powerless and weak
A mere rung on the long ladder
Worn down and broken
Nonetheless, important as the other

First Date

Flashes in front of my eyes
Images of the days gone
Remains nothing today,
So hard I try to clasp
The mundaness of that day
Days that went
A glimpse, a flicker
The butterflies in the stomach
Etched forever and ever

Good Life

As he handed me the ticket, I noticed the tattoos on his hand. I gulped. This wasn’t going to be a journey like any other I have been on. This was going to be different.

I had finally made a decision after going back and forth a million times. Now I had to stick by what I had done. I had to kill that bastard to escape this abuse.

As he handed me the change, he said, “Have a good day”. I smiled and said, “And a good life.”

War and Peace

Wrath of men
An army with swords
Red is their blade
Azure, the sky
Not a flicker of fear,
Defeated lay death.
Prayers for this to end
End in harmony
Alleviate the suffering
Cease the fire and
End this misery, once and for all..

This is an acrostic. Love this style...